Autumn of My Madness

Mark Rothkopf

May 14 - June 14, 2015

An intriguing collection of silver gelatin film-noir portraits, photographic abstracts and landscapes

printed by the photographer in his studio darkroom.

"According to the dictionary, madness can be anything

from 'insane' to 'wildly lighthearted' or 'with great energy and enthusiasm'... I am not insane - yet!"
- Mark Rothkopf

Ron Richard Baviello - Jeannine Brewer - Charles Butka  Gloria Chapa - Ruth Collins - Roger Cutler - Chris Fowler Sean Hennessey - J. Wayne Higgs - Emily Hoxworth

Johan Lowie - Christopher Madden - Sheryl Massaro

Julie Maynard - Phyllis Mayes - Mike Mills - David Mordini Doug Moulden - Scott Pierson - Kelly Phebus - Rhett Rebold Abigail Richon - Mike Schaefer - Barry Schmetter

Scott Speck - Tim Stephens


Todd Walker - Doug Alan Wilcox - Josh Gray

Jim Rose - Maro Giachetti

Phebus, Gentle Yoga: Breathing and Chant

Barry Schmetter, Photographic Salt Prints & Albumen Prints

Kelly Phebus, Simple Batik

Roger Cutler, Aluminum Mobiles & Cyanotype On-the-Go

Mark ‘Indy’ Kochte has been photographing the world around him for decades. His passion for the night sky, rock climbing, and adventures around the world have led him to see sights and catch moments that most people miss or never see. Some of these moments in time include the majestic Milky Way towering over mighty mountains, to lost and forgotten realms and ruins of the Wyoming desert; from simple sunrises to complex ice floe motion, which Indy has captured for all to enjoy in time-lapse stills, stacks and video

  Some art forms, when identified by name, are instantaneously under-estimated by the general public. Drawings, collage and assemblage artworks embody much more than the superficial simplicity attributed to decriptors like 'pen & paper' or 'cut & paste' and 'found objects'. Read the value of the contexts and juxtaposition of the materials, character of the artists, and stories driving these artworks' creation.

A collection of deceptively simple and conceptually intricate collage, assemblage and drawings by local artists Mike Shaffer, Kelly Phebus, Jeannine Brewer, Julie Maynard, Ron Richard Baviello, Sheryl Massaro, Martha Martin, Jalene Januze, Abigail Richon and Victor Hernandez-Chavez.

Previous Exhibits

Global Colors          Adrienne Kralick         

February 12 - March 10, 2015


April -May 2016

Adrienne works out of her studio in Oakton, Virginia when she is not traveling the world in search of inspiration. Her work can be found in homes throughout the US, Europe and Australia. Adrienne has a passion for art history and teaches workshops and classes on the lives and lessons that can be learned from the Old Masters to the Impressionists.

Johan Lowie is an award winning Artist living and working in Frederick Maryland. He has shown extensively in Europe and the US.

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     Virginia artist, world traveler and global citizen, Adrienne Kralick donates proceeds from each sale to the nonprofit organization she founded, Painting Brighter Futures, which helps children living in under-served communities of the US and Africa improve theirlives through education. For more information go to:

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December 2015

Featured Artists
A selection of smaller  works by
Johan Lowie, contemporary symbolist paintings and drawings.
Welcoming Christine "Xine" Conko to the gallery with  her abstract expressionist paintings, some "precious" sized works as well..

"Precious" Miniature Works

& Gallery Gift Shop
"Precious" is exhibited In our Market Street window.  A collection of small works by local artists Al Steinbach, Tom Cantwell, Susie Remmers and Abigail Richon. Al Steinbach also featured larger versions of his miniature watercolor paintings inside the gallery.

Pathways to Color
Doug Moulden & Students' Works
February 6 - 28, 2016

Doug Moulden, established artist and educator, exhibits his recent work alongside the works of his students, Drew Canning Karen Carillo, Dena DeFrank, Jill Hossler, Arden McElroy, Deanna Malmquist, Melissa Schultz..  "My paintings are as much sculpture as they are flat imagery." Building layers of color on custom-constructed forms, Doug dedicates hundreds of hours to each of his signature paintings which captivate the senses with their rich texture. His more recent work delivers more intense color interaction, luring the viewer to a manner of obervational meditation.

Black, White & Gray

Lee Newman - Phyllis Mayes

January 9 - 31, 2016

A conversation on intent is illustrated in the gallery this month with the works of two Washington area artists that parallel in process, as drawings from life, with dichotomous subjects.
Lee Newman presents his drawings as “states” of conceptual refinement and abstraction, to achieve the sense of composed yet casual compositions.
Phyllis Mayes gives us a deftly portrayed collection of figures fashioned with the disciplined drawing practice that ultimately doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Paintings by JOHAN LOWIE

November 2015

"The series came about re-visiting some favorite books and poems.

The ghosts of the stories and writers are touching the ideas in the work.
Stories from J.K. Huysmans, S. Lazarus and Rodenbach.
The books were the loose foundation of the paintings as the mood reflects in them.

... The paintings focus on the human drama. It is a private view of emotions. The tale of sorrow, happiness or euphoria. The theatre of life in a light of color and composition. The mood or experience overrules the technique. The emphasis is to relay the feeling with a simple composition rather than the obvious, sometimes lessen the figurative tales to more abstract forms, as long as the sensation reflects the original idea ..."

Summer's End Art Auction

August - September 2015

Scott Speck, Kathleen Speck,

Rhett Rebold, Abigail Richon,

Kelly Phebus, Sheryl Massaro, Christopher Madden,

Tracey Ellis-Guss, Jeannine Brewer 

The Women: Chance and the Feminine
Tracey Ellis-Guss    July - August 2015
Acrylic, Ink and Watercolor Paintings

     Tracey Ellis-Guss works in a range of media - drawing, painting, print making, and photography. After receiving the Juror's Choice recognition with a sensitively composed photograph she accepted our invitation to exhibit, and chose to further develop and show her inspired selection of mixed media works, The Women.  "The Women are visitors in my life.  Because the approach eliminates any preconceived concept of what the work will be, it allows me to slowly become acquainted with each one.  Through these women and what is revealed on the canvas I get to know them and myself." She is an art teacher in the Frederick County Public School system since 1997 and has also taught at Hagerstown Community College. 

ELEVATOR : Judy Stone

Installation and selected works.
March 5 - April 16, 2016
Stone's drawings reveal spaces of condensed anxiety that expose the tension between psychological structures and freedom. These structures occur on glass, walls, floors, windows, ceilings, and paper media such as scientific grid sheets, accounting ledgers, targets.
"...I needed the lines to be more pure and less wobbly. This allowed me to support and compress the structures in the drawings. I think there’s a huge gift given by the Eastern philosophies in the idea of interconnectedness. Interdependency. That nothing stands by itself..."  -Judy Stone  
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